One year in the USA?

Hello dear readers! How are things? I hope you’re all doing well? This post is going to be more of a thinker I suppose than a story of any sort but stick with me anyway!

As you’ll know I got married this year and for that wedding trip I spent six weeks in the USA – spending time in four different states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah).

Idaho and Utah were first-time visits for me so I was state-counting and worked out that I’ve now been to a total of 14 US states (plus DC) which I thought was pretty cool. I’ve technically passed through Arkansas, Wisconsin, Virginia and Maryland too but I don’t count those.

Wedding Photo

Anyway, it also got me thinking about the length of time that I’ve actually spent in the USA in my lifetime. Six weeks is a pretty significant amount of time for that recent trip but this was my third fairly long trip to the USA so accumulating all of those trips is starting to add up a bit. I decided to work out exactly how much time I’ve spent in the country and this was the result:

  • 8 weeks in Florida – four separate 2 week trips with family in May 1997, December 2002, February 2004 & December 2008
  • 2 weeks in Georgia – February 2016
  • 1 week in New York City – June 2016
  • 1 and a half weeks in DC, Nashville & Dallas – April 2017
  • 1 and a half weeks in Washington State – September 2017
  • 2 weeks in Washington State – February 2018
  • 4 weeks for “the big 3-0” – July & August 2018
  • 1 and a half weeks in Washington State – April 2019
  • 1 week in Washington State – November 2019
  • 9 weeks in Washington State – February, March & April 2020
  • 1 and a half weeks in Washington State – November & December 2021
  • 6 weeks in Washington, Oregon, Idaho & Utah – March, April & May 2022
  • A total of 39 weeks


Okay.. so I must have drafted this post at some point between trips because I know that I was pleasantly pleased with how nicely rounded that number was. With 52 weeks in a year, 39 rounded out to an even 75% of a year or alternatively roughly nine months!

Nine months of my life has been spent in the USA – isn’t that bonkers? I don’t know how you travelers compare, I’m sure some of you have had gap years or worked abroad and everything else but as someone who’s only ever really lived in England (nine weeks living in the USA with Haleigh in 2020..), it’s a significant amount of time in a single country that’s not my own.

Alas, back to the present! The visa process looked like it’d drag on for a while and I was missing my wife having had six weeks rarely apart! So I decided to “surprise” Haleigh for her birthday and spent another 1.5 weeks in Washington back in June – having a lovely time of course but ultimately ruining the nicely rounded number that I’d initially started blogging about.


Joking aside, another one and a half weeks now takes me up to 40.5 weeks in total and brings me even closer to a full year!

The plan is eventually for Haleigh to move here, should the UK government ever sort its shit out and process her visa application, but even when she’s permanently in England we’re obviously going to return to the US many times in the future.

It’s impossible to say what the future holds, maybe we’ll even find ourselves living in the USA one day but I’m “only” short of an entire year by 11.5 weeks with the likelihood of many future trips to the US to come.

I don’t know when I’ll pass that threshold but it will happen. At some point I will have spent an entire year of my life on American soil. 52 weeks in the USA, a full 12 months, 365 days give or take a few. It’s a pretty significant amount of time in one country, right?

and I suppose the only real point to this post was maybe for you to consider your own travels. It’s rare that we quantify our trips in such a way but I did pose the question to Twitter a while ago to see how my own 39 weeks (at the time) measured up against other travelers.

Some people take the same holiday every year and I find the concept slightly puzzling and yet here I am, 40 weeks of travel in the USA. Admittedly the US is at the very least a huge country and so diverse, it’s not comparable to returning to the same resort year in, year out but still.. I don’t think I thought that I’d ever be approaching a year in the same country.


Looking ahead, I’ve got two further trips to the US planned coming up this year so I’ll be ticking off another two weeks in the country and also adding a new state to my tally!

  • One week in Virginia / DC in October 2022 – I’m going to a wedding in Roanoke so unlike my last visit to DC I’ll actually properly get to see some of Virginia this time. State number 15!
  • One week in Washington – Thanksgiving 2022!

I’m slowly closing in on the year. I do hope in the years ahead that there’s much more non-US related travel than there has been in recent times. I usually try and visit at least one new country every year. That said, it’ll be cool hitting that impending one year landmark when the day comes.

Moving on from the USA, I did ponder where else my travels have taken me. My runner up would be Spain at around 4-5 weeks, with Germany not too far behind that. Nowhere comes close to the scale that I’ve visited the US.

So WordPress, play along. Where’s your most frequented destination? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a different country, it could be a neighbouring state or a coastal retreat or whatever but anywhere that might surprise you with how much time you’ve spent there?

Shock aside, I love visiting the US and I’m excited for the two trips in the next couple of months. Getting a chance to see more of Virginia and explore DC a bit more (I was sick on most of my last visit) will be great. I’m also looking forward to reuniting with the American family and eating good Thanksgiving food!

Anyway, until next time!


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12 thoughts on “One year in the USA?”

  1. It would be Germany and Holland for me, due to postings. Six and a bit years in Germany in two separate postings and a year in Holland. I had to google Roanoake as I know the whole ‘lost colony’ story from American Horror Story. I’m guessing the wedding is at the other Roanoake ?

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    1. Certainly a long time in both!

      Someone did mention Roanoke AHS to me and I haven’t watched that season of it, I’m a little intrigued now.
      The wedding is actually in a small place called Fincastle I think but I’ll base myself out of Roanoke, Virginia as it’s the closest city of interest. It’s the only Roanoke I know of to be honest so I’m assuming one and the same. I could be wrong though!


      1. It’s not the best AHS but very watchable! They are my guilty pleasure viewing when I’m not watching naff American TV like Diagnosis Murder or Murder She Wrote.

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  2. Thailand is the country I’ve spent the most time in. I can’t begin to count the number of weeks. I think it is somewhere between 6months and 1 year. A more shocking stat is that I’ve more than 1,300 credited lifetime nights at Marriott hotels. Not all are butt-in-bed as 15 to 30 nights each year come from holding credit cards and some nights counted double. Still that’s a lot of time in hotels.

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  3. Its Finland for me, I used to spend a month there each summer and still return for a shorter stay each year if I can. I tried counting up the months and weeks and I was surprised it amounted to around 17 months of my life! Really happy about that as you know how much I adore the country.

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    1. Oh wow, I knew you’d spent a lot of time in Finland but I didn’t realise it was quite as much as that! I’ve got some catching up to do!

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  4. I’ve never really spent a great deal of time anywhere apart from my own country, although I do often think about it. However, I do tend to go to Spain almost every year. I keep banning myself from booking trips there but still end up going.

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    1. Haha so hard to resist the temptation of Spain! Do you have a part of Spain that you tend to visit more often? I think Spain is my number 2 country but there’s still so much of Spain I’ve yet to see.


  5. Aside from Wisconsin (where I grew up) and (Upper) Michigan (where we had a ski cabin and went all the time every winter) it’s definitely Colorado. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been there, but now you’ve given me something to do this weekend – haha. Ditto for England, I’ve probably been there 6-8 times, which really isn’t that much considering the husband and I have been together for 25+ years. I used to know this so I’ll have to go back and look… Nowhere close to your USA record, though. Well done! I hope you get to see more of it – the southwest, especially.

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    1. Haha, I’m glad I’ve given you some weekend fun to look in to! Hopefully your next trip to England will be a bit more stress-free than the last one!
      I’d love to explore more of the USA. I’ve seen nothing in-between Dallas and San Francisco so plenty of the southwest to explore!

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