New York City: The verdict!

Here we are – the finale to my (June 2016) New York City series. For those of you who haven’t been following from start to finish I’ll leave links to previous posts at the bottom, however the rest of you will remember I started this series with an introduction of my high hopes for NYC.

I’m London born and bred and consequently still consider the city my home. I’d always said it was my favourite city in the world but I’ve welcomed the challenge to find somewhere that surpasses that. I love big cities and at this point of my life (June 2016) I’d been to some incredible places. Some of my favourite destinations I’d visited included the likes of Sydney, Berlin, Edinburgh, Budapest and more but in my eyes all fell short of the high standard that London sets.

My dream city / destination growing up was New York City and in my mind, if anywhere could surpass my love of London surely this city was as worthy a challenger as any. I’ve always held high hopes for NYC so after finally getting the luxury of visiting, how did it measure up? I reflected on a wonderful trip, New York City is an incredible city and somewhere I knew I could easily call home. Did that necessarily mean it was better than London though? I sat and pondered it, weighed up the pros and cons of both cities and eventually reached the below decision.

New York City!

The Challenger: New York City!
Let’s begin with our challenger. I spent a week in the city and wow, what an incredible week. I went to NYC with high expectations and it didn’t disappoint. It lived up to the high standards I hoped it would do and as I said in my last post, I’d struggle to name just the one singular highlight.

It was a faultless week. There are a lot of similarities between New York City and London, both are cities I know I could visit time and time again and never get sick of. As a travel destination New York City has everything you could want from a city break and its diversity really does have something for everyone. I struggle to fathom that people would not enjoy New York City. Too loud? Visit Central Park or better yet, get out of Manhattan altogether. Brooklyn botanical gardens is still one of my favourite retreats in the city.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Maybe you didn’t mind the loudness but couldn’t find something that aligned with your interests. “What!!?” Impossible. I’m not saying you have to like everything that NYC has to offer but if you found nothing on offer that you enjoyed then you weren’t looking very hard. Museum person? World class museums. Theatre – NYC’s perhaps the most famous Broadway on Earth. Sports? Pretty much every major (American) sport on display at the very least. Nightlife? City that never sleeps. Shopaholic? High end department stores, markets and antique places everywhere. Foodie? Multicultural city with every type of food on offer. I could honestly go on and on and on. NYC has EVERYTHING! I’ll give you a pass on saying you wouldn’t want to live there but visit? I can’t comprehend the logic in not wanting to.

“So it’s a faultless city?”

Ah, well no. I was desperate to look for some cons to NYC and the easiest came to me from a friend that once claimed New York City to be the best city in the world. Hang on though mate, didn’t you stay in New Jersey?

“Yeah to save..” – too late. Ha! How can NYC be the best city in the world if you can’t afford to say there? London wins!!


The existing champion – London!
Wait a second, London’s extortionate too! Damnit! I’m back to square one!

The one con I could genuinely find for NYC is the one con I have of London too. I love everything about London. It’s home and finances aside, it is faultless in my eyes. NYC can offer everything but similarly what does London lack? Museums, theatre, sports, nightlife, great food, multicultural etc etc etc.

Green Park, London

NYC is without doubt an incredible city and worthy challenger to London but as far as I was concerned London could match anything thrown at it. Equal in pros, equal in cons.

“So it’s a tie? You pesky little fence-sitter!!”

Hang on, hang on. I didn’t say it was a tie now did I? Yes, it was an incredibly difficult call and I scratched my head long and hard over which city I considered my favourite and there was one surprising, and perhaps harsh, deciding factor that I’d yet to consider.


The decider


“New York City isn’t London though..”

That’s right. I’d overlooked this city-defining criteria in my impartial adjudicator role. NYC wasn’t London, that definitely has to go down as a con against the former.

“Great system Jason, well done!”

Being objective, the two cities are incredibly difficult to split but my somewhat flawed system means that sadly NYC does fall just short of my favourite city in the world. Was it ever really in doubt?

New York City rose to the challenge and threw everything it had at me to sway my thinking but ultimately that emotional attachment means London is perhaps never likely to be surpassed as my favourite place in the world.

Nevertheless I couldn’t have loved NYC any further and it’s definitely somewhere I’ll be returning to.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the series, for those of you that haven’t caught my previous NYC posts you can read those below but it’s time for me to wrap this up.

Stay tuned for what’s next!


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20 thoughts on “New York City: The verdict!”

  1. Unless I missed it in your post, I didn’t see any reference to the histories of the two cities as a deciding factor. For me, this puts London ahead of NYC. NYC doesn’t have dungeons, castles, changing of the guard, or thousand-year-old towers. Sure, NYC’ll have some history, and maybe it’s more fascinating than I realize, but for me the vast English history that is evident all around London makes it a sure winner. You chose correctly Jason. Well done! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NYC does have some interesting history but you’re right, London’s history far surpasses it. Inevitable really.

      Thank you! I appreciate it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing read. Both London and NYC have great histories, but I feel that London far surpasses in its history, simply because of the length of time. The richness that London has, NYC still needs to achieve that. I though loved your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the writing. You’re right, it’ll be tough for NYC to ever rival the history that London has. Both great cities though 🙂


  3. I really enjoyed following this series because New York City is somewhere I plan on visiting, and hopefully soon! That being said, I also haven’t been to London, so I may just have to do my own comparison lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Hopefully you get the chance soon! I’ll actually be posting about a London trip next so stay tuned for that 🙂


  4. I feel like London is a hands-down winner. Okay, being totally fair, I’ve never spent time in either city (flying into and out of LHR doesn’t count), and, being American, the exotic draw of London has had me in its grip since childhood.

    One thing you didn’t mention (maybe you didn’t notice?) was the accents. How can you ignore an English accent?! Obvious winner. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do agree and seems many others who’ve commented at least favour London. Sadly LHR doesn’t count but all the more reason to come back!

      I don’t think I notice the accent as much here because I’m used to it so it didn’t really factor in for me. Plus I’m quite fond of the New York accent so it wasn’t a deal breaker haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Jason, I found and followed your site whilst looking up NYC travel blogs and I very much enjoyed your series, I like the way to tell your stories. I live an hour away from London and I have been many times I have recently been to New York and I’ve considered it my dream location since childhood so as much as I love London, NYC was a winner for me. I look forward to reading more on your adventures Jo 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jo! I appreciate the comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the series. There’s definitely little to seperate them so I can understand choosing NYC over London 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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