Ten day photo challenge – Day one!

Hello dear readers! I’m switching things up a little bit over the next ten days. I saw this floating around earlier in the year. The Travel ArchitectI’ve Bean Traveling and Salsa World Traveler were just three of my followers I can recall participating in this little photo ‘challenge’ earlier this year and I’d vowed to follow up with my own effort.

The idea is to post ten favourite photos without explanation and then nominate other followers. Given this challenge has been floating around for a while already and I’m not 100% sure who has already done it, nor who would be interested in doing it, I’m going to skip the nomination part of this challenge but consider yourself nominated if you wish to play along on your blog!

Anyway, without further ado. Here’s the first of my unexplained entries. I’ll do a little round up on day 11 with the story behind all ten photos but feel free to guess where in the world each photo is!

P.S – I’m hoping that by starting this challenge on the 1st you can hold me accountable if come the 10th I’ve only shared three photos!

Hostel View

Any ideas where this may be? All will be revealed on the 11th! Stay tuned!


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I'm Jason and from a little place in England. Here to just talk about my various adventures. Hopefully you find some inspiration or just enjoy hearing my stories :)

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