Happy New Year!

There’s a lot that could be said about 2020 but I’m going to focus purely on the blogging side and say that for the most part, I was a bad blogger in 2020!

Not that this is really anything more than a hobby but still, after coming back from Washington in April I was pretty inconsistent in my blogging and pretty inconsistent in my blog-reading too.

Regardless of that I really do appreciate this community and the many of you that make this a much more enjoyable experience. Thanks for sticking around in 2020 and continuing to make this as fun as it is!

I’m optimistic I’ll be much better on both fronts this year but this post is short and sweet and I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! Happy blogging and I hope all your blogging dreams come true this year! Haha!

Take care and speak soon!


Thank you Libya!

Welcome back folks! I’ll get back to the “big 3-0” trip asap but thought I’d share a bonus post with you this week and another little dedication to a country far away from England!

I don’t pay huge amounts of attention to my blogging stats, ultimately because this is just a bit of fun for me, but some of you will remember of course that I posted a while ago about the mystery of my fame in China. 

As China’s biggest (unofficial) influencer it’s perhaps of no surprise that visitors from search engine Baidu keep streaming in but the full extent of my “influencing” came to light recently as I was curious as to how well traveled my blog actually was.

I took a look in mid November and those of you following me on Twitter will have noted that the tally of countries to have visited my blog stood at 99 countries!

Admittedly, some of those countries are a little questionable (The European Union is not a country!) but who am I to argue with the WordPress Gods? I sent out a pleaful tweet for someone, somewhere to help me reach the 3 digit landmark!

Well I’m pleased to say it finally happened. On December 6th a reader in Libya cemented themselves as the individual to tick off that milestone! So thank you, whoever you are! Jason Likes To Travel is now truly global, the reach of my “influencing” has no limits! I am firmly on the worldwide blogging map and my blog has been viewed in 100 (WordPress) countries!

Blogging World Map

Now I have to say Libya isn’t a country I’m particularly well educated on. I suspect that is the case for many of you reading this too so I thought I’d share a few fun facts in celebration of the occasion and perhaps boost my African following too! Haha.

So here we go!

Libya’s population is roughly 6.5 million people and the capital of Libya is Tripoli. Those of you familiar with Anthony Bourdain’s hit show ‘Parts Unknown’ might have seen the episode which covered his trip to Libya – as per the notes here 

The most famous Libyan is undoubtedly that of Muammar Gaddafi, however Libya also produced Africa’s first Pope for ten years from 189 to 199AD. Who knew!?

That last fact is a sign of Libya’s long history, which even had its own Ancient Greek city of Cyrene! Historically Libya was divided in to three areas known as Fezzan, Cyrenaica and Tripolitania!

Libya’s national language is Arabic but people also widely speak English and Italian! Lunch is considered the big meal of the day and Libyan tea is thick and supposedly like black syrup! I can’t say that sounds particularly appealing to me as an English tea drinker but I’m willing to try it! Haha.

Anyway, I won’t ramble on. This was just meant as a little light-hearted post in celebration of my 100th country here on WordPress!

To my favourite Libyan reader, I say شكرا لك or shukraan lak! Hopefully Google Translate has not failed me in the translation of that! Haha.

To the rest of you, it’s back to business next time on the blog as I march on with “the big 3-0” adventure. Stay tuned for more on that!